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Data & IoT in Healthcare

Data, IoT, and AI are all important parts of the healthcare industry today. The value of data is indisputable, as it can be used to improve patient outcomes, prevent disease outbreaks and treatment failures, and reduce healthcare costs. This is especially true when combined with IoT and AI technology.

IoT has been proven to improve patient management by providing real-time data on their health and activity levels. For example, an implantable cardiac device could monitor the heart rate of a patient with atrial fibrillation and send an alert if it detects an abnormality that requires medical attention.

AI can also be used to improve patient outcomes by automating tasks like providing recommendations for treatments based on previous patient experiences or analyzing large amounts of data to identify trends in disease incidence or treatment outcomes.

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Our new data and IoT solutions cover a multitude of industries; retail, transport and logistics, healthcare and Smart Spaces to name but a few.  Below are some of the key areas Data and IoT can empower healthcare .