Solution Overview

This Solution Ready Platform allows users to easily collect data from shop-floor devices via multiple communications such as Modbus, OPC UA, and MQTT and automatically generates Excel reports of production activities.


A 100% web-based dashboard allows users to view visual production information such as yield rate trends, equipment utilization or downtime alarms, available anytime on any mobile device supporting HTML5 browsers. Valuable information about field equipment, energy consumption and the environment can also be integrated within the MES system via open interfaces including SQL database and RESTful/ SignalR API’s to help optimize production planning and provide efficiency analysis improvements.

Customer Challenges

No Response in Real Time


Unexpected downtimes often happen during changing conditions, which might take a long time to trouble shoot at great cost. Since it is nearly impossible for engineering teams to be on standby during every line change, they are ready to find a convenient method to view field information remotely and respond to faults in real time.


Decisions without Veritable Data


As factories target not only higher production rates but also diverse product offerings, the management of complex processes becomes much more critical. Managers are looking for a single simple interface which is able to summa-rize the results of multiple processes and visually show the performance/ efficiency of each task in real time on a dashboard. Furthermore, management decisions need to be made quickly based on both the experience of senior employees and on real-time data analysis.


Traceability for Consistent Quality


Market demands require more rapid access and diverse offerings, consistency of quality and compliance, as well as the need for traceability. Traceability involves tracking and tracing the history and details of all aspects of produc-tion as well as the authentication of manufacturing such as serial numbers linking back to the production chain. To achieve these advanced metrics, manufacturers require full transparency over the entire production process and full integration with their MES systems.

Features and Benefits

  • Easily Integrated with MES by Open API
  • 100% Web based Dashboard
  • Facility & Equipment Management


  • Type of Asset
    Plant Machinery
  • Purpose
    Equipment Monitoring, OEE Optimization, Predictive Maintenance
  • Connectivity
    Wired, WiFi
  • Protocol Integration
    Industrial Ethernet, ModBus, Profinet, Ethercat
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