Solution Overview

OGTrack is a ready to use cloud solution based in the OpenGate IoT capabilities to offer a complete set of tools to monitor and improve the asset tracking process. The solution includes communication subscription, devices ready to use and our platform preconfigured to start using it as ease as possible. OGTrack is oriented to logistic and industrial companies on container systems transportation, vehicles transportation and/or usage (cars, motorcycles, …), art transportation, etc.

Customer Challenges

  • Lack of visibility of asset utilisation
  • Ensuring the right equipment is available for the right job
  • Asset Theft
  • Improving Utilisation of Assets

Features and Benefits

  • Control cradles, containers, trailers stock
  • Improve delivery/production planning
  • Reduce idle cradles, containers, trailers
  • Eliminate cradle, container, trailer lost
  • Cost reduction
  • Improve cradle, container, trailer delivery information

  • Transport Sector
    Commercial Fleet, Haulage, Logistics / Courier
  • Primary Purpose
    Analytics, Loss Prevention, Tracking
  • Connectivity
  • Sensors Used
    GPS, Temperature, Accelerometer
  • Supported Integration
    Fleet Management System
  • Solution Maturity
    5 - Customer Deployed at Scale
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