Solution Overview

Data Privacy Manager is a mature platform used in many different vertical markets, helping its users, both data controllers and data processors, to regain control over personal data they have been entrusted with.


It allows companies to simply and safely manage data subjects' privacy. By protecting their privacy, you are building the image of company that can be trusted, and that is the foundation of a successful business today. This platform is designed to enable full control over all GDPR related processes, including analytical dashboards that will empower you to keep track of important GDPR information in real-time and manage user rights and personal data, regardless of the legal basis for data collection

Customer Challenges

  • Overly manual processes relating to privacy related data processing tasks
  • Lack of a collaborative environment for the various teams within the business to develop and implement their data processing frameworks.
  • 3rd party relationships present a risk around sharing of personal data
  • Engaging with customers on how we manage their personal data and also capture their preferences is challenging.

Features and Benefits

  • Support collaboration between discrete teams withing the organisation when handling data privacy execution
  • Centralisation of third party management
  • Automate workflow of subjects data requests
  • Heatmap risks associated with each data processing activity, system or third party
  • Consent and Preference management
  • Privacy portal to allow customers/users to communicate their privacy preferences.
  • Data Inventory for discovery of personal and sensitive data across platforms in both the cloud and on premises
  • Establish business and operational control of the flow of personal data within the organisation
  • GDPR compliant data removal
  • A 360 degree view of data and infortmation related to individuals.

  • Primary Purpose
    Engagement, Automation, Tracking
  • Solution Maturity
    5 - Customer deployed at scale
Products Included

Modules available : Consent and Preference Management, Data Subject Request, Privacy 360, Privacy Portal, Data Processing Inventory, Third Party Management, Data Inventory, Data Flow, Data Removal

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