Solution Overview

Brick & Mortar Retailers have always had to serve their customers based on guess work around; who's coming in store, how they behave, and what they buy.

Meanwhile, Online Retailers have been busy capturing ever more accurate customer profile data, and leveraging this to their advantage. It's no wonder Brick & Mortar Retailers are feeling hurt right now ... it's not a fair fight!

Well, the 'Next Generation Footfall' App from EVERYANGLE is here to level that playing field .

Customer Challenges

A chain of hardware retail stores wanted to identify and improve their entrance to purchase conversion rate.

Features and Benefits

Gives you a breakdown of every customer visiting in-store, by gender, age and generation

Tells you where customers went in store and how long they spent there

Tells you whether customers were happier after their visit or not

Integrates with POS solutions, to tell you who buys what

Generates live alerts when store performance looks set to miss targets or exceed them

Equips you with easy to use dashboards, to understand store performance across multiple sites

  • Primary Purpose
  • Solution Maturity
    5 - Customer deployed at scale
Products Included

Cisco Meraki MV Camera, Cisco Meraki Wireless Access Point, EveryAngle Advanced Footfall License

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