Solution Overview

Warehouse operators can now protect and streamline operations in real-time, without complex supply chain analytics software. Through real time object detection combined with text and barcode search capabilities, this App continuously analyses warehouse activity to help accelerate material flow paths, decrease picking path travel time, reduce packing errors and optimise inventory layout to match product velocity.

Customer Challenges

Warehouse operations can be a complex environment to manage effectively. Without implementing measures to understand the flow of materials, the demand on inventory and the placement of goods within the warehouse a number of challenges can arise. Simple gaps in intelligence around inventory layout and placement can cause issues with picking errors, as well as an increased picking time which can cause issues on the customer side around product lead time as well as the cost of operations being higher than needed as it takes an operator longer to pick and fulfil an order.

Features and Benefits

Realtime object detection to track flow of goods through warehouse environment

Simple Integration with Meraki MV Smart Camera

Decrease travel picking time

optimise inventory layout based on material flow

Simple intuitive dashboards

Reduction of picking errors

  • Primary Purpose
    Analytics, Cost Optimization
  • Solution Maturity
    5 - Customer Deployed at Scale
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