Solution Overview

Building Visibility is a LoRaWAN enabled environmental monitoring solution that accurately measures up to eight environmental parameters, such as light levels, temperature, humidity and CO2 levels, in a location of your choice. It can be used to monitor several areas of interest within your property – including rooms which are not usually exposed to either natural or artificial light –and transmit the data to the cloud via MQTT, making it available for use with platforms such as Microsoft Azure IoT Central or Azure IoT Hub and other data platform services.

Customer Challenges

Approx 25% of occupancy costs go towards the cooling, heating and lighting of buildings. The cost can be reduced without compromising comfort through better control of spaces, staff or equipment.


Traditional methods of indoor environmental monitoring are expensive both in terms of measurement and installation costs, as well as runtime power consumption.


Without the possibility to know what is happening in indoor environments it is difficult to support effective building operations and maintenance procedures.

Features and Benefits

Understand environmental conditions within you building to support space planning.
Support HR planning around space utilization.


  • Type of Space
  • Primary Purpose
    Analytics/Usage Monitoring
  • Connectivity
    LoRa WAN
  • Used Sensors
    Temperature/Humidity, CO2, Acoustic