Solution Overview

Smart Parking is about much more than making a city's infrastructure more efficient. Smart parking is actually a way to improve the economy, public health and environment of your city. When you make your parking infrastructure smarter, it can reduce traffic congestion, carbon emissions and air pollution while also improving citizen experience.


The IA Connects smart parking solution gives local government better visibility of parking utilisation, allowing them to implement smarter solutions that improve citizen experience and health through reducing congestion and guiding drivers clearly to available parking. This visibility also provides a rich pool of data for more effective city planning and providing better services.


The solution uses magnetic parking sensors which transmit parking space occupancy data over LoRa wan base stations which provide up to 15-kilometre coverage per base station. The data is then made available through the IAConnects Mobius Flow platform for integration with other systems such as IoT Platforms.

Customer Challenges

Towns and city centres are under pressure to implement better parking solutions and get visibility of parking utilisation in order to improve citizen health, improve consumer experience, implement effective city planning and meet sustainability goals.


This is not only because of the growing urban population but also because the existing infrastructure is becoming increasingly obsolete. Cities are facing the challenge of providing affordable and sustainable parking solutions for their citizens, visitors and businesses.


With a growing number of vehicles on the road, cities need to manage their traffic more efficiently. The number of cars keeps increasing every year as a result of population growth and urbanisation. This has resulted in congestion problems that make it difficult for people to move around freely in towns and city centres.

Features and Benefits

  • Helps local government meet sustainability goals
  • Reduce city congestion
  • Improve Citizen Health and Services
  • Acquire Data to improve City Planning

  • Primary Purpose
    Analytics/Usage Monitoring