Solution Overview

IBM acoustic Insights is part of IBM's Maximo Production Quality Insights portfolio of products. It uses acoustic pattern recognition AI technology to help manufacturers non-destructively and non-intrusively improve quality and prevent costly equipment downtime.


It frees inspectors from manual methods that can be ineffective, costly, slow and require experience to master. It can also be deployed on the factory floor to identify both audible and inaudible sounds (infrasonic, ultrasonic, etc.) related to equipment failure. As part of the IBM Maximo family, Acoustic Insights integrates with other Maximo products for better problem resolution.

Customer Challenges

  • Less non-destructive means for inspection
  • No abbility to detect multiple defects through single sensor
  • No option of predicting future equipment failure
  • Inability to find early detection of equipment degradation
  • High cost of manual inspector training and retention

Features and Benefits

  • Improves the inspection process by non-destructively identifying defects with confidence and speed. Clients are able to augment inspector skills to improve inspection throughput.


  • Provides classification and comparison, including confidence thresholds, of defects against defect models. This provides more consistency and accuracy compared to traditional manual methods.


  • Manual methods of acoustic-based inspection require skilled inspectors who can detect product defects. Clients with labor shortages can augment skills and improve throughput of inspection staff.


  • Detects acoustic patterns that are related to equipment failure. Subtle audio deviations can detect equipment degradation before it fails to give advanced warning.

  • Type of Asset
    Plant Machinery, Production Line
  • Purpose
    Equipment Monitoring, Predictive Maintenance
  • Connectivity
    Wired, WiFi
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