Solution Overview

SAS Identity 360 is a cloud-based solution that scales to fit your needs while minimising costs and disruption to your IT resources. With this solution, you can:


Consume customer data in real time, synchronously or asynchronously.

Enrich your data with third-party data from industry-leading data providers, including digital, biometric, public and behavioural.

Use rules and analytics to provide a decision back to your customer.

Customer Challenges

Sudden shift to digital. Many organisations are unprepared to offer fully digital access for purchases, accounts and applications – many played catch-up instead of being proactive.


Validating digital customer identities. Digital identity is more important than ever – but many organisations struggle to quickly validate each customer and stop fraudulent behaviour.


Managing multiple identity providers. Onboarding and systematically managing relationships among multiple identity providers is costly and unwieldy.


Negative customer experience. It’s difficult to authenticate customers logging into an account or completing an application without disrupting their experience

Features and Benefits

SAS identity fraud analytics solution combines AI-driven data orchestration with an industry-leading decision engine for real-time results


Convenient digital identity validation, low customer friction. Whether customers are logging into an account or completing an application, you can quickly and confidently validate their digital identity.


Easy integration and management of third-party providers. Our centralised platform makes it simpler and less costly to onboard and manage multiple identity providers. A selection of prebuilt adaptors covers digital, biometric, public and behavioural identity providers.


Holistic decisioning capabilities. Enrich data with third-party provider information as it’s needed. Whether it is data from multiple providers at once – or just the need to enrich a rule or decision


Real-time detection of new identity fraud trends. SAS uses a combination of rules, anomaly detection, machine learning and other statistical approaches to detect identity fraud in real time.


Continuous improvement. Compare approaches to your identity strategy using champion and challenger models, then improve and adapt continuously to changes in consumer behaviour


Rapid, scalable cloud deployment. Our solution runs as a service, so it’s easy to deploy and scales rapidly to your needs.

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