Solution Overview

Minimum requirements, maximum benefit: A mobile network – that's all the io-key needs to do its job. The IoT gateway sends the data directly from IO-Link VVB vibration sensors to the cloud. It does not matter to the io-key if it is in a sea container, in a supply silo in the middle of hectares of arable land or in a remote machine far from existing IT infrastructures. This data can then be visualised on IFM's cloud platform with dashboards created to fit the needs of the operator or other stakeholders with the option to pass that data to other customer systems if needed.


In other words: With the io-key the IIoT is always there where you need it. This opens up new opportunities in machine monitoring – and innovative approaches for increased customer service.

Customer Challenges

Historical approach to centralised monitoring of low cost or remote assets considered to high cost and complex.


Organisations often prioritise monitoring of assets based on asset value, rather than business impact and distruption in case of asset failure.


Traditional wired solutions require skilled implementation and can be challenging to deploy over distributed locations.

Features and Benefits

Early transmission of information about the plant condition
Preventive measures can be taken early thanks toa quick flow of information
Secure sensor data via mobile network (NB-IoT or 2G network) to a secured cloud Clearly structured data in user dashboard deliverered as SaaS.
Cloud environment with multi-client capability
Mobile Responsive view of cloud dashboard for remote operator access.
Simple to implement on assets which are difficult to run cable to.
Seamless sensor deployment as all IO-Link parameters are automatically detected to make this solution truly plug and play.
Definition of switching and control tasks that are carried out independently and in real time on the edge device.
Suitable indication of every sensor type
Report and export functions for current and historical data
E-mail and SMS notification in case of alarms
Integrated SIM card, EU-wide NB IoT and 2G
2 x M12 IO-Link port
IP65 industrial housing
Power supply (24 V DC, M12 port)

  • Type of Asset
    Plant Machinery, Production Line
  • Purpose
    Equipment Monitoring, OEE Optimization, Predictive Maintenance
  • Used Sensors
  • Protocol Integration
Products Included

AIK050 (Wireless IoT Gateway), VVB001 (Vibration/Temperature Sensor) x2



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