Solution Overview

Treating data for mission-critical projects the same way as legacy data is a costly practice. Komprise Intelligent Data Management gives you insight to identify cold data and the ability move it to the cloud or other efficient alternatives to cut costs, shrink backups and reduce the footprint you need to actively manage.

Get instant insight into data across all NAS and Object data silos—from on-prem to the clouds. Identify savings, systemically move cold data transparently without any disruption to save costs, and get an easier, faster path to the cloud. Analyze, migrate, tier, archive, replicate, and manage data at scale simply and reliably.

Customer Challenges

Data management plays an important role in improving conventional, unconventional, and midstream operations in the oil and gas industry. Companies need to easily access their data archives for interpretation, seismic processing, or big data analytics that drive faster seismic and reservoir simulations. Storage is critical, but many companies remain relatively in the dark about the types of data they’re paying a premium to store.

Features and Benefits

Stay Productive whilst reducing storage costs

Komprise enables you to identify cold, inactive data and transparently move it to lower-cost secondary storage to ensure the most efficient use of your resources for optimal productivity. There’s no vendor lock in, no change in how users and applications access the data they need, whenever they need it.


Move Data for Storage Efficiency

Set your policies and Komprise Transparent Move Technology™ seamlessly migrates data without any changes to your user experience, applications, or hot data.


Know your Data Across your storage Estate

Within 15 minutes of deploying, Komprise Dynamic Data Analytics provides a unified view of your data across all your storage environments for the insights you need to create a cohesive storage strategy.


Stay in Control of your data

With Direct Data Access, you can index, search, and use your data whenever you need it, wherever it’s located.


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    Equipment Monitoring
Products Included

Komprise Dynamic Data Analytics, Komprise Direct Data Access, Komprise Transparent Move Technology



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