Solution Overview

The TechData low power asset tracker enables organisations optimize their supply chains and reduce asset loss or theft.


The combined LoRa and Wi-Fi passive scanning functionality provides accurate indoor geolocation accuracy, so you can keep track of remote assets around the clock. The unit also has the option for reliable, optimized connectivity and coverage for the next generation 4G LTE Cat-M1 and NB-IoT networks—and seamlessly falls back to 2G networks if necessary.


In areas without network coverage, position data and events are stored in memory. As soon as communication is restored, all information can be transmitted. The functionality of the unit can be remotely programmed to fit any job: from basic/general functionality to advanced/low-level application specific detailed functionality.

Customer Challenges

Knowing where your assets are is vital to ensuring your capital expenditure is secured for the long term. Without tracking your assets, you will have no insights into the location, usage, and status of your assets. Without this data, you cannot make informed decisions about how to better protect, allocate or maintain your assets, and therefore better serve your customers. Tracking assets, if used rightly, can be an important contributor to a lean organisation, centralised data and increased control.

Features and Benefits

  • Ready-made or customisable
  • Fully OEM product
  • Basic functionality, or advanced low-level programmable
  • Ultra-low power consumption for extra long battery life
  • Battery powered or externally powered
  • Best choice for a wide range of M2M/IoT applications
  • External sensor integration

  • Transport Sector
    Commercial Fleet, Haulage, Logistics / Courier
  • Primary Purpose
    Cost Optimization, Tracking
  • Connectivity
    LoRa WAN, Cellular
  • Sensors Used
  • Solution Maturity
    5 - Customer Deployed at Scale