Solution Overview

Showcase items or options that are not available in-store, so that customers can place an online order for delivery or pickup elsewhere. Combine with Guided Selling to help customers find things they didn’t know they wanted and Wayfinder to locate items within the store.


Customers can view your entire product range, including items and options that are not currently in stock. Optionally, it can be linked to your inventory system so that it tells them which products are immediately available. Customers can download product information to their mobile via a QR code.


If the selected item is not available in-store, customers can choose to pick it up from another store, or place an order for pickup at a later date, or have it delivered to their home.



Customer Challenges

Retailers face a number of challenges in today's consumer-driven market. One of the most pressing is that customers are increasingly dissatisfied with crowded stores and long lines and will walk out if they don't feel like their business is being taken care of. This is especially important for retailers who depend on impulse purchases as part of their business model—such as clothing retailers or fast-food chains.


Another challenge is the disconnect between the in-store experience and digital customer experience. It's critical for retailers to connect these two experiences so that people can continue shopping seamlessly when they're away from brick-and-mortar stores, but this isn't always easy to do.


Staff productivity can also be an issue for retailers—especially those that rely heavily on seasonal staff during the holidays or other busy times of year. Poor productivity can lead to customer dissatisfaction, which then leads to loss of revenue and even customer walkout due to poor service levels.


Finally, retailers need to improve their digital experiences and self-service options as more consumers prefer these methods over traditional shopping methods like walking into a store or calling into customer service centres by phone or email.

Features and Benefits

Reduced Customer walkouts

Increase availability of staff for customers that need help

Increase basket size

Connect physical and digital customer journey

  • Primary Purpose
    Automation, Cost Control
  • Connectivity
    WiFi, Wired
Products Included

Ombori Grid, Intel NUC or Advantech UTC