Solution Overview

Are you ready to meet your sustainability goals and offer customers an innovative experience that they will love? Our smart recycling bins let you reward people for doing the right thing. When customers add recyclables, they are weighed in the bin, and an animated graphic displays how much has been recycled so far. Customers can be rewarded with a message on screen or a simple email or app notification. A web interface allows you to configure the locations of bins and approve messages remotely so staff on site don’t need to manage the system.

Customer Challenges

Large retailers need to hit carbon emission and sustainability goals.

Stores are looking to attract customers through new and innovative engagement experience

Stores need to be able to automate processes wherever possible to ensure staff are predominantly customer facing

Features and Benefits

Encourage customers to recycle: by making it fun to contribute, rewarding customers, and educating them in an enjoyable way, they're more likely to deposit unwanted goods instead of putting them in landfill.


Meet your sustainability targets: increased use of public recycling bins and accurate measurement will enable you to prove that you are actively adopting a sustainability agenda.


Improve efficiency and reduce workload: automated notifications when bins need emptying ensure that recycling facilities are always available, while reducing unnecessary work emptying bins that don't need it.


Increase footfall: customers are encouraged to come into the store to recycle, which increases the likelihood that they will make purchases.

  • Primary Purpose
    Engagement, Automation
  • Solution Maturity
    5 - Customer deployed at scale
Products Included

Ombori Grid, Ombori Smart Recycling Unit

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