Solution Overview

Cloudera Data Platform and Cloudera Data Flow empowers the Manufacturing & Automotive industries to transform complex data into clear and actionable insights for preventive maintenance and supply chain operations. The platform brings the right data analytics to data anywhere the enterprise needs to work, from Edge to AI. Cloudera delivers:


  1. Any analytics - multi-tenant & multi-functional analytics from the Edge to AI
  2. Any deployment - enterprise strength security and governance on any cloud or on prem (where you need your data)
  3. Open for anything - open source, storage, compute & ecosystem

Customer Challenges

  • Inability to support new “IoT-enabled product and services” business models
  • Failure to leverage Industrial Internet Big Data
  • Failure to consolidate product development data and hear the “voice of customer”
  • Failure to leverage data across fragmented systems
  • Failure to incorporate real time supply chain Big Data (i.e. Social, GPS, RFID, Web Logs) drives Failure to integrate cross-channel processes and data (Social, Mobile, Web Logs, e-commerce)

Features and Benefits

  • Increase revenues via ability to adopt new IoT-Enabled Products and Services
  • Increase innovation, reduce costs and vendor lock-in
  • Increase product development innovation
  • Increase manufacturing quality, yields and plant uptime
  • Increase enterprise efficiencies (purchasing, inventory, order management)
  • Increase supply chain efficiency
  • Increase new customer acquisition and retention

  • Type of Asset
    Plant Machinery, Production Line, Packaging Line
  • Purpose
    OEE Optimization, Predictive Maintenance
Products Included

Cloudera Data Platform



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