Solution Overview

SMART WASTE is THE SOLUTION to illegal dumping is a robust, autonomous IP65 device driven by Artificial Intelligence, capable of automatically detecting typical scenarios of prohibited and punishable deposits.


SMART WASTE, thanks to its light weight, can be used in nomadic mode and of course in sedentary mode.


SMART WASTE is a 360 ° PRO camera associated with the Sm_All box which analyzes 24/7 all situations around the monitored area via our IVA (Intelligent Video Analytics) based on Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning.

All videos, alerts, images of the offense, recognition of license plates, etc. are recorded locally on the camera and can be the subject of 3G / 4G transmission to secure Cloud platforms as desired.

Customer Challenges

Illegal dumping is a growing problem in urban areas of many countries. Unfortunately, the implementation of the law punishable but often not effective. This is a real issue that can put into jeopardy the public health, while putting private vehicles, infrastructure and property at risk.

Features and Benefits

he Smart Waste smart camera has:

  •  360 ° PTZ HDR High Definition camera
  •  standard connector for solar panel
  •  oled screen indicating its IP address, interior temperature, percentage of battery charge, etc.)
  •  Wifi hotspot for downloading videos, alerts, images
  •  RJ45 ethernet connector for downloading videos, alerts, images
  • full integration into the Milestone XProtect VMS (the Xprotect plugin is integrated into the camera)
  •  Sm_All artificial intelligence and deep learning module providing intelligent and automatic detection of littering
  •  system for creating proactive alerts following the automatic detection of littering
  • an external battery mount device
  •  battery with an autonomy of 3 days
  • 7-day storage space (videos, alerts, images, etc.)

  • Type of Space
  • Primary Purpose
    Analytics/Usage Monitoring