Solution Overview

SAS Customer Intelligence 360 helps companies to get the attention of their customers and take the most effective actions. Marketers can use everything they know about a customer to enable more relevant, targeted and individualised communications on all marketing channels. Ability to Perform True Predictive Marketing Unlike traditional “marketing cloud” solutions, SAS Customer Intelligence 360 uses dynamic data collection technology that avoids channel-based web analytics tagging. Take that data, which belongs to your brand, and turn it into insight to make more accurate decisions about customers during real-time interactions. By doing this, brand marketers can meet each customer’s needs at the right time and place and in the right context – all down to the individual level. CI 360 provides a complete view of everything needed to optimise the individual customer journey. That’s the confidence that marketers need as they create and deliver a consistent customer experience over both direct and digital channels – aiding their brands in adopting a true hybrid marketing approach

Customer Challenges

Insufficient understanding of online customer interactions.


Lack of individualisation capabilities. Traditional solutions are unable to perform cross-channel customer targeting via the web, which can lead to abandonment, acquisition and churn problems.


Inaccessible customer insight


No unified view of the customer. Difficulty accessing and combining customer information across channels and business units results in an incomplete view of the customer


Inability to customise direct marketing campaigns.

Features and Benefits

Guided Analytics You don’t need to be a data scientist. Built-in, easy-to-use analytical processes allow you to use SAS analytics and data management capabilities.


Activity Maps As customer experiences evolve and customers expect service and contextual engagement across various channels, devices and points in time, you need to be able to account for how customers move across inbound and outbound channels.


Open Data Model SAS houses all your data in an open, customer-centric model that promotes further data exploration and analysis for downstream marketing efforts.


Post-Data-Collection Contextualisation Use SAS to convert gathered data into information for customer analysis and reporting – so website administrators won’t have to apply new tags every time the page design changes.


Predictive Models, Forecasting and Goal-Seeking Routines Marketers can use predictive analytics to project specific business goal completion based on the performance drivers and metrics of a current campaign.


Anonymous Behaviour Capture The activities of everyone who visits your website – whether identifiable or not – are recorded in a private, secure manner over time.



Streamlined Marketing Planning SAS optimises your marketing operations from end to end with capabilities for planning and financial management, creative production management, reporting and analytics, integrated calendars, and digital asset management.



Analytics-Based Digital Advertising Create targeted customer advertising segments and communications while adhering to consumer preferences and privacy requirements.



Customer Data Platform Collect, enhance, extend and activate customer data in real time to move beyond other customer data platforms in the market today.

  • Primary Purpose
    Engagement, Analytics
  • Solution Maturity
    5 - Customer deployed at scale
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