Solution Overview

Within Semantha  you can define content for which new incoming contracts are to be analysed against. semantha® finds the passages based on their meaning, regardless of the choice of words and without any “training” with your data. Thus, relevant contents of a contract are found quickly and efficiently.


Using our Compare, you can compare already reviewed contracts with new incoming contracts. semantha® shows you which content matches and which content is missing – out of the box and without time-consuming training with your data.


In addition, you can use our Compare feature to compare different versions of a contract. semantha® shows you which contents have remained the same and which areas have been changed or removed completely.

Customer Challenges

In your company, contracts have to be reviewed regularly and with a high manual effort. In most cases, the content to be reviewed is similar. The problem is that every contract is worded and structured differently, which makes automation impossible.


Because of this, it is necessary to have a comprehensive knowledge of the legal terms used in each contract and how they are arranged. This knowledge will allow you to understand which elements need to be reviewed and check for any changes or deviations from the previous version.

Features and Benefits

Reduce manual effort for initial contract review

automatically highlight known areas of risk

Increase volume and velocity of contract handling


  • Primary Purpose
    Automation, Analytics
  • Solution Maturity
    5 - Customer deployed at scale