Solution Overview

WonderStore relies on the latest IoT, Computer Vision, AI and storytelling analytics technologies to profile, count, track and analyse customers. We don’t just tell businesses how many people walk by their store and how many enter. We profile the customers with data on gender, age, emotions, facial hairs, glasses, head pose, dwell time, conversion rate, visitors flows and in the next coming releases what customers browse, how they browse, what clothes they wear and many other characteristic that will be determined by face analysis and computer vision technology.


Companies use WonderStore analytics to create better snapshots of their target demographics. By harnessing sales data, retailers can identify their ideal customers according to diverse categories such as age, preferences, buying patterns, location, and more. By prioritizing retail analytics basics that focus on the process and not exclusively on data itself, companies can uncover stronger insights and be in a more advantageous position to succeed when attempting to predict business and consumer needs.


Customer Challenges

Retailers need to understand customer demographics and movements in their stores for a number of reasons. First, it helps them determine where to place products, as well as what stock to keep on hand. They can use this information to make sure that the most popular items are centrally located and easily accessible, while making sure that other items are available elsewhere in the store.


Second, it helps retailers understand how their customers move through their stores, which can help them identify opportunities for improvement. For example, if it appears that customers tend to avoid certain aisles or departments in favor of others, these areas may need some attention from management. Finally, this type of information helps retailers understand what types of advertising campaigns are most effective with certain demographic groups (such as age or gender).

Features and Benefits

Understand Customer Demographics

Understanding customer footfall and flow

Improve store planning

Improve advertising for higher impact


  • Primary Purpose
    Analytics, Tracking
  • Solution Maturity
    5 - Customer deployed at scale
Products Included

Wonderstore In-Store Analytics, Intel Nuc