Solution Overview

WonderStore is an IoT-based visitor data collection platform built to help enterprises collect data about the characteristics and behaviour of visitors to their brick-and-mortar retail stores—and generate actionable insights to help businesses understand their customers, improve customer experiences, and grow their business.


WonderStore provides the expertise and digital tools retailers need to apply a data-driven strategy to improve the return on experience for customers in their stores. The system relies on data gathered by IoT sensors positioned near store windows, entrances, and cash registers to capture information about the shopping environment (store location, weather information, time of day, etc.); store visitors (gender, age, facial features, and emotions); and their behaviours (traffic patterns, item preferences, purchase patterns, etc.).


Sensor data are aggregated in a gateway and leverages Microsoft Azure to generate insights into visitor experiences and predict customer behaviours. Once stores know more about their customer personas and preferences, they can tailor experiences to improve customer satisfaction and ultimately increase the profitability of their stores.

Customer Challenges

1.Retailers do not know their visitors In many cases, they do not know their (recurring) customers in terms of demographics and behaviour.



2.Lack of access to data. Brands need the ability to analyse segments, behaviours, habits, and desires of their customer base. Without hard data, strategic decisions are made based on creative intuition. Managers need to gather more information to be competitive. And while abundant tools are available to objectively measure e-commerce strategies, until recently, measurement and monitoring of in-store experiences have typically been labor-intensive and time consuming. Retailers want and need to be able to measure all kinds of important KPI’s of their stores (shop window conversion rate, number of recurring visitors, traffic flow in the store, etc.) and apply that data to inform strategic decisions quickly and easily, too.



3. Recognizing the importance of improving customer experiences, Retailers are looking for ways to provide an integrated customer experience on multiple channels (in-store and online). But many retailers lack the in-house experience to build and deploy such strategies effectively

Features and Benefits

Visitor demographics and Sentiment

Using facial recognition software, advanced computer vision algorithms, and artificial intelligence, the visual sensors detect human faces nearest to the sensors and identify their main attributes—assigning values to identify age; gender; facial features and physical attributes including beards, moustaches, sideburns, make-up, glasses, and hair colour; and six basic emotions including happiness or sadness.


Visitor behaviours

Off-the-shelf visual sensors track visitors’ movement and in-store actions to help identify traffic patterns, item preferences, purchase patterns, and more.


Shopping environment

Static and dynamic data are also collected such as store location, time of day, and/or weather information.


WonderStore can be configured to measure effectiveness of:

Window displays. How many people look at the windows? How long do they stop in front of them? How many of them enter the store? What are the conversion rates? How many people enter the store and make a purchase?

Shelf displays. How many people observe them? How often are items picked up, then discarded or carried?

Advertising campaigns. What is the most effective media? Has the expected target entered? Which campaign was the most effective? … and influence store strategies, such as:

• Stock/inventory optimisation. Optimise store inventory based on the profiles of real visitors in the store.

Price optimisation. Use data analytics to predict the best price for a product based on customer preferences and behaviours, market discounts, and more.

Store building planning. Design your physical space to suit the preferences of your target market.

Staff optimisation. Determine how many employees are needed/when to manage the flow of visitors.

Energy saving. Monitor how often/when window or digital displays are viewed and modify the power supply accordingly.

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