Discover your step-by-step roadmap to affordably build a profitable Data and IoT business

Practice Builder empowers our partners by offering a simple, step-by-step road map to rapidly and affordably build a profitable solution-focused business practice. TD SYNNEX designed this program to help our partners overcome the common barriers to developing a solution practice, such as time and cost constraints and the need for specialized knowledge.

The Challenge

With more and more businesses investing more heavily in data and IoT products and solutions, the time to power a sustainable data solutions practice is now. For technology solution providers, it can be time-consuming and costly to figure out how to build a data driven business that offers customers the best value and stands out from the rest.

About Data and IoT Practice Builder

Data and IoT Practice Builder is designed to help technology solutions providers rapidly and affordably build and accelerate their cloud technology business. It offers quality enablement resources and a simple, step-by-step path to making data a strategic part of your business.

How It Works

Our step-by-step process is designed to provide a practice building experience tailored to your business needs.

Step 1


Answer a few questions to help us match you to the best program fit, then we will assist you in the onboarding process

Step 2


Complete a practice specific assessment to generate expert insights and reveal actionable recommendations on how you can grow

Step 3


Clarify and document a holistic growth strategy for your business with expert guidance from the practice building team

Step 4


Complete enablement sprints, key milestones, and reviews with the practice building team to help you advance your practice in 90 days or fewer

Ways to Engage

We provide practice building experiences matched to your unique stage in the practice development lifecycle.


Available to all partners who enrol: access to an online digital enablement journey tailored to their capability. Choose from starter, transformer or accelerator. The solution-specific and vendor-specific learning paths are detailed below.


To complement the digital enablement journey, a limited number of invitation-only partners can engage in a high-touch, in-depth strategy development workshop run by experienced business transformation consultants offering expert guidance and a holistic approach to transforming your business.

Self-Paced Digital Enablement Experience

Explore the wide range of learning available to your team.

Solution-Specific Enablement Path – how to build a Data and IoT solution practice strategy

The Data and IoT Enablement Path contains all the information you need to build a successful business model, broken down into seven easily digestible sprints. You can complete everything online, in your own time at your own pace. The programme is free for TD SYNNEX partners.

Data and IoT Fundamentals

Follow the steps in this module to get started on your Data and IoT practice builder journey

Journey of Data Modernisation

Learn more about the core pillars of the data-driven transformation journey

Retail Academy

Learn how to drive Digital Retail and bring increased efficiency and profitability to retail customers

Manufacturing Academy

Engage with our IoT and Manufacturing resources to understand the impact of the industry 4.0, what drives it and what’s in it for your business and your customers

Smart Spaces Academy

Explore our Smart Spaces resources to understand the issues, trends and emerging opportunities within workspaces, building management and smart cities

Data and IoT Transport and Logistics Academy

Engage with our Transport and Logistics Academy to understand the issues, new trends and emerging opportunities of supply chains

Computer Vision

Discover how computer vision delivers tremendous value across multiple industries

Vendor-Specific Enablement – how to onboard or accelerate with a participating vendor

Take a look at the Vendor-Specific digital enablement programmes to onboard and accelerate with participating vendors to support your Data & IoT solution strategy. 

Intel in IoT

Dell Technologies and AI

IBM Cloud Pak for Data

IBM Cloud Pak for Integration

Grow Your Revenue with Data and IoT Solution

Our Practice Builder methodology and digital resources will enable you to better understand industry trends and allow you to simplify the complexities of Data, AI and IoT Solutions for your customers.

For Business Owners

Enrol now to answer a few questions that will help us match you to the best programme and assist you in the onboarding process. Then complete the Transformation Assessment to understand your business’ readiness to embrace digital transformation and next generation technologies with the TD SYNNEX Practice Builder.

For Sales/Marketing/Technical

Self-paced digital learning is available on the TD SYNNEX Channel Academy learning platform, TDSCA. Training can be accessed by using the appropriate button below, where new users can create an account and existing users will be taken directly to the partner log in portal.