Smart Building Solutions

Solutions to help drive building operating efficiency and occupant experience

Smart Buildings

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a revolutionary technology that will change the way we use and interact with our buildings. Smart buildings are already being used to automate energy consumption and environmental controls, but they also have the potential to improve occupancy and management, as well as offer new opportunities for automation and AI.


Smart buildings will allow us to use sensors, AI and automation in new ways that can be leveraged by facilities managers to improve building operations. This will mean more efficient energy usage, better environmental controls, improved safety and security measures, better managed spaces, reduced costs through automation, increased revenue through user engagement, and more.

End to End Solutions Delivering

True Business Outcomes

Our new data and IoT solutions cover a multitude of industries; retail, transport and logistics, healthcare and Smart Spaces to name but a few.  Below are some of the key areas Data and IoT can empower the building , facilities and HR sector.

Occupancy and Environment

By providing real-time information on the number of occupants, temperature and humidity levels, and other variables, IoT allows building management systems to make more informed decisions about how to operate their facilities.

The integration of IoT into building management systems allows for greater efficiency and the ability to automate many processes that would otherwise require human intervention.


Occupancy and Environmental Monitoring Solutions

Energy and Infrastructure


Building automation is a key component of smart buildings. Building automation systems are designed to monitor and control the physical environment in a commercial or residential space through sensors, control panels or remote monitoring. 


With building automation systems, you can control heating and cooling systems, lighting, security systems, HVAC equipment and much more from anywhere in the world via smartphone or tablet app.

Energy and Infrastructure Solutions