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Bring yourself up to speed and learn the essentials around how technology is addressing real industry challenges in the retail sector. IoT and AI are having a significant impact on how retail operates. They’re helping retailers become more efficient and make better decisions than ever before. And while this may seem like it’s only good news for large chains, smaller businesses can benefit just as much from these technologies.

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Our new data and IoT solutions cover a multitude of industries; retail, transport and logistics, healthcare and Smart Spaces to name but a few.  Below are some of the key areas Data and IoT can empower the industrial sector.

Remote Condition Monitoring

Remote condition monitoring is a critical component of Industrial IoT. It allows for the continuous monitoring and analysis of machines, equipment, or processes from a distance, which can be done from anywhere in the world. This technology can help you save money by reducing downtime and maintenance costs while increasing productivity.

Predictive maintenance uses historical data to assess risks associated with particular machinery or equipment, then creates a plan that identifies when maintenance should be performed to ensure optimal performance. It also allows for proactive repairs by identifying problems before they occur.

Remote Condition Monitoring Solutions

Worker Safety


Worker safety is a major concern in industrial environments, and IoT technology can play an important role in improving it. IoT technology has the potential to make industrial workplaces safer by providing remote monitoring and control of dangerous machines, as well as better communication between workers and management.

Worker Safety is not just a key area of concern for machine operators, but also for those working in generally hazardous industrial environments such  as mining operations, utilities and other remote industrial locations. 

Worker Safety Solutions

Quality Inspection

Quality control is an important part of any manufacturing process because it ensures that products are consistently high-quality. Before a product leaves the assembly line, it must undergo a number of tests to ensure that it meets quality standards. 

In addition to visual inspection, there are also chemical tests that measure things like pH levels or specific gravity—these tests ensure that products meet safety standards as well as performance requirements like durability or strength.

Quality Inspection Solutions