What is the TD SYNNEX IoT Solution Factory

The TD SYNNEX IoT Solution Factory is a program designed to drive the creation and delivery of IoT solutions, drawing from the best of the TD SYNNEX Eco-System of technology suppliers. 

The goal is to ensure that we equip the channel community not just information on the art of the possible with IoT, but to make the art of the possible a reality. This is done  through taking IoT Concepts and validating these concepts leveraging expertise within our organisation and our partners, testing components and driving referencability. 

People don’t buy IoT, they buy business outcomes and solutions to real life challenges. 


There are 2 types of IoT solution you will find in the solution factory :

TD SYNNEX Solutions


These are TD SYNNEX Owned Solutions, leveraging multi vendor components. The architecture is TD SYNNEX Defined. 

Products defined by TD SYNNEX in collaboration with vendor Eco-system for interoperability checking.

Vendor Solutions

Vendor owned and underwritten solution.

TD SYNNEX go to market, working with vendor defined architecture using vendor owned or vendor defined 3rd party product

We measure the readiness of a solution as follows :

Internet of Things

Data generated by connected devices is set to group exponentially. IoT is a key growth area for TD SYNNEX, supported by rich vendor eco-system and a strong focused team, driving IoT go to market initiatives

AI & Cognitive Computing

TD SYNNEX works with Vendors at the forefront of AI & Machine learning technologies, delivering richer insights, predictive data models and richer means of interacting with data. Leveraging these cutting edge technologies, TD SYNNEX customers are able to be at the forefront of driving digitization solutions. 

Data Management & Integration

Whether data is collected from new sources or existing customer sources, effective data integration and ongoing management is key to ensuring that insights delivered through Analytics and Cognitive Computing are derived from high quality data sources.

Reporting & Analytics

Data Reporting and Analytics allow organizations to deliver insights critical to a companies success. TD SYNNEX has a strong heritage and proven track record in driving channel capability and growth of analytics revenues through its channel or partners.